Cosy in the Countryside

I think that my love for countrywear is well known by the ones that follow me, but how to dress elegantly and remain comfortable when outdoor? Surely the British weather doesn’t make the task easy but, over time, I’ve been able to find garments that are not only eye pleasing but also warm and cosy.

As I love to walk and have daily long school runs to accomplish, I was researching for a good all weather jacket and that is how I discovered the beautiful world of Welligogs. 

I fell in love with the Odette Wax Check Coat and now that I’ve tested it under rain and wind I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with it. Not only is it fully waterproof but it’s also machine washable (at 30 degrees) which makes a mum’s life so much easier!  

I’ve styled my jacket with the Phoebe Gold Shirt: I never had a shirt with zip fastening and the convenience of it made all the difference, the cotton is very stretchy and extremely soft to wear: it does feel like velvet on the skin: a true luxury.

A walk in the countryside has to be done with a pair of comfy boots and I went for the Sloane Mocha Waterproof Boots, I honestly received so many compliments about them and I utterly adore them. They keep me warmer than any pair of wellies and are perfect for rainy, muddy walks as they have a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet warm when it’s cold and fresh when it’s hot. They are the cosiest thing I’ve ever worn. 

As I went for a “rain proof” kind of outfit, a hat was needed both for warmth and for that stylish finishing touch. The Fedora Style Brown Hat was an easy winning choice. What I love about this hat is that it’s showerproof and crushable, another mega point there for making mum’s life easier.

Well now I’m ready for many wintery countryside to come with a wholesome meal to follow!

We thank Sara Quaglia for her wonderful and helpful blog. More of Sara's work can be found on her website here.

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