Being a small family company, gives us agency over the big decisions, as well as the smaller ones. We regularly inspect how our garments are made which is rare in itself, and we have a lot of control over the supply chain. We choose natural, regenerative materials and fabrics whenever we can and we’re always looking for innovative ways to create products in a more sustainable way. Our high quality materials are designed to last.

Dyeing & Waterproof Garments:

We only opt for waterproofing methods that use eco-friendly process. We are continually investigating innovative ways to waterproof garments that are more sustainable, such as using: beeswax, coconut wax or wax made from recycled plastic. This is still in the early stages but we are excited about what techniques are being discovered. We even go right down to choosing eco-friendly dyes for colouring our fabrics, e.g. using vegetable tan in our boots and clothing.If our waterproof coats and jackets aren't made here in England they are made in Europe. We are proud to promote British and EU manufacturing and work closely with our factories, visting them to check conditions and supply chain to make sure our craftsmanship is the best it can be.

Our Recycled Polyester and Rubber:

Our sustainable activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles, which means that we avoid manufacturing virgin polyester and contributing towards already saturated landfills. We’re using 30% less water in our manufacturing process, saving natural resources and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Our trainers and some of our short boots use sole units that are made from 80% recycled materials, taking out of what would go into landfill and reconstructing it to be useful footwear that will last. Our footwear is also made no further afield than Europe, so our carbon footprint is significantly lower.

Recycled Office Resources

We try our best to not only use sustainable resources in our garments, but also in our office resources. We make sure to use recycled paper for our printer in the office and in our day to day note taking, as well as having eco friendly printers that use less energy than normal printers. Wherever possible, we recycle our delivery boxes if they are in good condition and for our swing tickets and neck labels, we use eco-friendly cards or recycled materials.