How Can We be Kinder to Our Planet this Christmas?

We at Welligogs are very passionate about moving our brand forwards into a more sustainable future. Recently, we were one of three finalists in the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Sustainability Award, which we are incredibly proud of. That being said, we’d love to share some of the things we do to keep our company’s carbon footprint to a minimum. Since the company started, we’ve moved away from rubber and more towards natural fibres and sustainable textiles such as wool, organic cotton and leather. Over the past three years, we have also strived to recycle as much as we can. We recycle cardboard delivery boxes when possible, create our swing tickets and neck labels from eco friendly card or recycled materials and even use recycled paper in our office as well as eco friendly printers. Protecting our planet is a huge priority for us. Therefore, this Christmas we’d like to share some helpful guidance on how to be more eco-friendly, whilst still spreading that festive joy.


The 7 Steps We Recommend

1. Did you know that an extra 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded throughout the festive period when compared with the rest of the year? It’s so important to recycle, especially during this period where the gift of giving can be quite damaging to the planet. The amount of wrapping paper that gets thrown each year is also shocking, equating to around 108 million rolls of wrapping paper. Most wrapping paper is covered in plastic, making it non recyclable and very damaging to the environment. We should all be moving towards recyclable wrapping paper that can still look pretty.  

2. We love a Christmas tree as much as the next person, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without one! However, an outstanding 12,000 tonnes of waste will be the 8 million trees that people buy each year. As well as this, 14 percent of people will discard their fake Christmas trees in any given year. A great solution for this waste is to either rent a Christmas tree, or grow your own! Or if you prefer less mess, make the plastic tree last. Here’s a little how-to guide on growing your own trees.

3. Tired of receiving unneeded bits and bobs? Let’s face it, they’re never the most wanted gifts and are usually covered in different plastic packaging! This year, why not make a donation to Friends of the Earth. Every product you buy here can be returned when worn out - and they’ll recycle it into something new. They’ll even give you £5 credit as a little thank you.

4. In the UK, around 900 million cards are sent each year - that’s a lot of paper being manufactured for the sole purpose of wishing a Merry Christmas. So, why not reuse an old Christmas card? Cut out a few pieces of different cards and voila - a completely unique and thoughtful card. Failing this, why not take a family photo and send an email to reduce waste?

5. Choose decorations that will last a lifetime, materials like wool, wood or glass. The UK will also throw away approximately 500 tonnes of Christmas lights this year. Let’s end this by buying once, and by buying quality, rather than quantity. 

6. We know it can be tricky to buy for everyone on your list, the endless numbers of family and friends can be overwhelming and it can be very tempting to buy that reduced gift set, however, why not make your own gifts? You could make a batch of fudge or chocolates or beautiful potpourri jars. Another great way of saving on having to buy lots of small gifts is to organise a secret santa. Then you only have to buy for one other person and put much more time and energy into the gift!  

7. Every year, the amount of food waste produced by the UK is heartbreaking. 2 million turkeys, 5 million christmas puddings, and 74 million mince pies are thrown out. That’s more mince pies than there are people living here in the UK. What can you do? Firstly, planning your Christmas can be a huge help in reducing the amount of food wasted. Take into account how many people you’re catering for, and don’t panic buy! Don’t worry, your drunk uncle will cope if there is a finite amount of mince pies. You can also make sure that you have enough storage to freeze and keep your food edible, so all those groceries aren’t vying for space in the back of the fridge!  


    We really hope that this gives you a few ideas on how to be more eco friendly this christmas, and if you’re looking for quality, useful stocking ideas, take a look at our beautiful bamboo socks which are made from natural fibres and are super sustainable! Everyone needs socks, so always a wanted present in the WG family.

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