We guarantee the use of our footwear and clothing against manufacturing defects and being waterproof for a period of 6 months from date of purchase provided the care instructions have been followed (see Care Instructions page). The warranty period is for a 6 month period from original purchase date only – outside of this time is at the discretion of Welligogs office only after inspection. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint regarding the product it is best to send it on a email with photos if practical to do so – we can then best advise you on the appropriate course to take , it may be you have to return the product to our office for inspection and testing , unless the product you received is new and unused and you have notified us within a 14 day period from purchase it is incumbent upon the user to return the product to us bearing the postage costs. You will be required to provide proof of purchase , please keep receipt if purchased at shows , we can trace internet orders. This Guarantee is for manufacturing defects – it is not a wear guarantee.

Leather Country Boots

Your boots are a practical waterproof, fashionable recreational product, the main use is as a walking country boot, walking through puddles , streams and muddy fields are all fine , you can use them for limited recreational riding but they are not meant as a alternative to heavy duty muck out stable boots or full riding boots . They are also not meant as farm boots or other waterproof footwear like rubber wellingtons (in other words continually submerged in water), if used for these purposes the warranty is void. All membrane footwear will leak in time if submerged so it is important to understand how the product works – walking through water is OK , standing in water is not.

Traditional Waxed Coats & Jackets

Traditional waxed cotton clothing is not membraned so these are sold as water resistant not waterproof . The waxed fabric is waterproof when it is new but where the coat is stitched it may let in moisture (see care instructions) .

The nature of waxed cotton is the it will fade and lose its wax coating as it is worn . You will find that you may want to rewax the the areas of the coat which show the signs of abrasive wear & tear the earliest eg. sleeve creases and shoulder seams

Unless you have purchased a waterproof membraned coat it is not guaranteed waterproof, only water resistant.