Welligogs Takes the Spotlight in Netflix's New Series "The Gentlemen"

In a thrilling blend of style and drama, Welligogs, the renowned British luxury lifestyle brand, has made a notable appearance in Netflix's latest series, "The Gentlemen."  

The series, which has already captivated audiences with its engaging storyline and stellar cast, now adds another layer of allure with its fashion choices, mainly through the character Lady Sabrina, portrayed by the talented Joely Richardson.  

Let's delve into how Welligogs' distinctive products—the Hampton, Grantham, and Knightsbridge—shine on the screen and embody the elegance of Lady Sabrina. 

Netflix's New Series "The Gentlemen" 

In the fashion world, the crossover between cinematic storytelling and style provides an enchanting narrative. This is vividly showcased in Netflix's latest series, "The Gentlemen," where the British brand Welligogs plays a significant role in defining the elegance and persona of one of the show's pivotal characters, Lady Sabrina, portrayed by the talented Joely Richardson. 

Netflix's latest series, "The Gentlemen," has swiftly captured audiences' attention, particularly in the UK, with its thrilling narrative and a nod to the British flair for crime drama. Initially conceived by the master of gritty, stylised action, Guy Ritchie, this series promises to extend the universe of his 2019 film of the same name.  

The show stars Theo James and delves into a captivating narrative where aristocracy meets the criminal underworld. The protagonist, Eddie Horniman, inherits a family estate only to uncover a hidden cannabis empire beneath it.  

The series unfolds with Eddie navigating through complex scenarios involving debts, crime syndicates, and family secrets, all while trying to maintain his newfound status and estate. 

Lady Sabrina: "The Gentlemen" Character Explained 

Lady Sabrina Halstead, the mother of Freddy, Eddie, and Charly, is a central supporting character in The Gentlemen (2024). Joely Richardson plays the character and can be seen wearing Welligogs's exclusive collection of British fashionwear, now streaming on Netflix. 

Netflix's new series, The Gentlemen, delivers an engaging narrative and complex characters and showcases exquisite fashion. Lady Sabrina, portrayed by Joely Richardson, is a standout in this series, and her wardrobe is a testament to the series' attention to style and detail.  

In particular, her choice of coats from the renowned British brand Welligogs adds a layer of sophistication and elegance to her character. 

Lady Sabrina's attire, especially her Welligogs coats, is pivotal in defining her on-screen persona. These coats are not just garments but symbols of her status, taste, and the subtle nuances of her character. Welligogs is known for its luxurious and finely crafted outerwear, and Lady Sabrina's selection reflects her refined and discerning nature. 

The coats from Welligogs worn by Lady Sabrina are likely chosen for their classic appeal and timeless elegance, aligning with her character's attributes in the series. They enhance her presence, adding to the visual storytelling of "The Gentlemen" while providing viewers with fashion inspiration.  

The inclusion of Welligogs' British outerwear in Lady Sabrina's wardrobe is a nod to the brand's reputation for quality and style, seamlessly integrating high fashion into the narrative fabric of the series. 

Welligogs Signature British Fashionwear in "The Gentlemen" 

In Netflix's acclaimed series "The Gentlemen," the fashion narrative takes a front seat, mainly through the exquisite Welligogs pieces worn by Lady Sabrina. Welligogs, known for its luxurious and finely crafted attire, is showcased brilliantly in the series, offering viewers a taste of British elegance and style. 

Knightsbridge Elemental Wool Jacket: 


The Knightsbridge Elemental Wool Jacket is a testament to Welligogs' commitment to luxury and style. This jacket is a visual delight, crafted from light blue wool interwoven with subtle pink and darker blue checks. The signature WG cuffs and collar add a unique identity to the piece, while the crown zipper pockets, adorned with intricate lion embroidery, inject a royal touch.  

This jacket is not just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of sophistication and refined taste, perfectly aligning with the high-class ambience of "The Gentlemen." 

Knightsbridge Houndstooth Jacket: 


Another gem from the Knightsbridge collection is the Houndstooth Jacket, a classic design reimagined with a fresh and fierce approach. The monochrome houndstooth pattern is accentuated by a contrast velvet collar, cuffs, and pocket details, bringing the design to a sharper focus.  

Muted brass buttons add a touch of understated elegance, complementing the jacket's longer-line fit. This piece embodies Welligogs' timeless, elegant, and WG signature style. 

Grantham Wool Jacket: 

In the stylish corridors of Netflix's The Gentlemen, the Grantham Wool Jacket emerges as a symbol of autumnal charm and refined elegance. This Welligogs piece is a garment and a narrative of style, seamlessly blending with the series' aesthetic and thematic essence. 

The v-neck collar is a standout feature of the Grantham Wool Jacket, offering style and functionality. It hugs the neck beautifully, providing length and elegance, and adds a modern twist to the jacket's overall design. 

Hampton Merlot Wool Jacket: 


With its burgundy trim, the Hampton Merlot Wool Jacket offers a bold twist for those who prefer statement-making attire. This exclusive WG design features the brand's popular signature cuff detail, a testament to Welligogs' attention to detail and distinctiveness.  

The pistachio green herringbone pattern paired with a velvet trim provides a touch of softness and luxury, while the muted brass buttons enhance the jacket's overall appeal.  

This mid-length wool jacket combines traditional features with a modern edge, ideally suited for the dynamic and stylish atmosphere of "The Gentlemen." 

These Welligogs jackets are not just clothing items but integral elements of the character portrayals and the visual storytelling in "The Gentlemen." They bring a layer of authenticity and sophistication to the series, allowing viewers to experience the luxurious world of Welligogs fashion. Whether it's the refined elegance of the Knightsbridge Jackets or the bold statement of the Hampton Merlot, Welligogs's signature style is a perfect fit for the stylish and intriguing narrative of "The Gentlemen." 


As "The Gentlemen" continues to captivate audiences worldwide, Welligogs's presence in the series reminds viewers of the brand's timeless appeal and enduring legacy. Through its signature collection of Hampton, Grantham, and Knightsbridge pieces, Welligogs has redefined what it means to be elegant and sophisticated in the modern age. 

In her Welligogs attire, Lady Sabrina exemplifies this blend, leaving a mark on viewers and elevating the brand's stature in the global fashion discourse. 

Whether strolling through the bustling streets of London or attending an exclusive soirée in the countryside, Welligogs offers the perfect blend of style and functionality for the discerning fashion enthusiast.  

And with its recent feature in "The Gentlemen," the brand is poised to reach new heights of success, cementing its status as a true icon of British fashion. 

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