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Our Wool

We source lambswool from British farms and our lambswool jumpers are made in the UK, making them our most sustainable jumper. Our merino wool jumpers and loungewear are made from raw materials and all natural fibres. As part of our journey to provide sustainable fashion, the IWTO (International Wool Textile Organisation)"wool is all natural, renewable fibre". Our 100% chunky soft merino wool jumper is a traditional guernsey style piece. It’s an incredibly warm item, originally worn by sailors due to its practicality.


Our Cotton

Producing cotton can take its toll on the world, particularly as the majority of cotton is grown in countries facing water shortages. According to the World Economic Forum, water scarcity has been recognised as one of the top 10 global risks to society we’re facing over the next 10 years. We use 100% organic cotton in most of our shirts which has significantly fewer negative impacts on water than non-organic. Farmers use natural methods like composting to fertilise their soil, which makes it healthier and more likely to soak up water and retain it when there is a drought.


Our Leather

The leather we use is a bi-product of the meat and dairy industry, taking the skins that would have usually been waste and turning them into something useful. We opt to use sustainable dying process when colouring our leather like Veg Tan, which avoid chemicals that are harmful to the environment. We opt to use natural products like leather and suede as opposed to faux leather and suede as these are regenerative materials that are easier to breakdown.


Our Wax

For our wax and dry wax, we source our fabrics from world renown British Millerain. The Millers, a father and son originating in Yorkshire, have been developing fabrics in the north of England since the 1880s. Initially providing fabrics for the armed forces, their rainproofing materials now find themselves in apparel and commercial markets globally.

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