Take a walk on the wild side … How to wear & style animal print accessories in your wardrobe

By @countryclassicslucninda
Both adored and avoided, animal print can be a controversial wardrobe topic. Whilst many will shy away from the vibrant prints, or bold statement, others bask in its beauty. 
I haven’t always loved animal print. Everyone has to start somewhere and there was a time when I too would shy away from adding any prints into my outfit. There is often this idea that if you go for animal print with your outfit, it’s going to be incredibly overpowering, and shadow the rest of the outfit. I think some people have seen animal print also done wrong, and that image haunts them when looking at how versatile the print can actually be in a wardrobe. 
Animal print will always be in style, and it comes back year after year, guaranteeing a timeless, classic piece if you look to add into your wardrobe. With animal print speaking for itself, you can utilise this print to add a subtle statement and finishing touch to a more simple outfit. With increased confidence, you’ll find yourself mixing and matching in no time at all!
When starting out with animal print, it can often be tricky to know where to begin. Once you get to know the prints, it can be one of the most simple and easy ways to add some personality to your outfit. Whilst at the start, it can often feel daunting, and easy to get wrong. 
I’ve curated some of my top tips to get you started, followed by some of my must have items to get your wardrobe set up!
🌿 Top Tips for Styling Animal Print 🌿
🐆 Don’t over do it, you don’t need an outfit full of prints. Try to just pick a statement piece.
🐄 Do tone it down. You can use simple pieces or block colours to tone down the rest of your outfit. 
🐆 Don’t clash prints. Try to stick to just one single animal print within your outfit.
🐄 Do experiment with what you like. Try different prints and colours to find your favourite. 

🐆 Don’t try to match everything. Stick to matching no more than 3 accessories in a print. I would recommend 2.
🐄 Do subtly match accessories. Match a belt and bag, shoes and belt, or bag and shoes.
🐆 Don’t let your selection overpower the whole outfit. Pick out colours from the print to bring your outfit together. 
🐄 Do feel confident. Animal print is a subtle statement. Own your choice – you look amazing!
🐆 Don’t feel intimidated if you’re just starting out! There are lots of prints out there and lots of different styles. There is something for everyone, and every style.
Starting is where the fun begins …
You know some of my top tips, now lets have a look at some of my favourite pieces to get you started with! 
🌿 Must Have Animal Print Items 🌿
Animal print is such a fun way to add some personality into your outfits. Whether you’re well established wearing prints, or you’re just starting out, I have the perfect items to add into your wardrobe. These products are all tried and tested by myself, they are things I have had in my wardrobe in some cases, years, and love to style. They are pieces I know are really good quality, and that I can genuinely recommend from using and wearing countless times myself!
Accessories and footwear are definitely the easiest place to begin with animal print. Both subtle and easy to style, you can build your accessories to create more of a statement, or keep it simple with a single talking point of one accessory. Stick to my top tips above when choosing your accessories for a flawless look. 
My best advice is to have fun with it! 
🐄 Cow Print … 🐄
This is such an easy print to style, and a really great place to start! Cow print can be much more understated than some of the others, and it will always fit seamlessly into any country wardrobe. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, this is it!

Considered to have a slightly Western undertone – this print has never gone out of fashion, being a popular choice for many, year in year out. 
Considered relatively effortless to style, it makes sense that this print works its way into the Country wardrobe with ease. Styling cow print is often easier because whilst it is bold and attention grabbing, it is made up of neutrals, meaning it will often compliment all other colours your outfit may be made up of. When you want to add a little something extra to your outfit, without adding bright, block colour accessories, this is a great alternative. 
Welligogs Safari Cowhide Slides
An easy way to add some animal print to your Summer outfits is through your footwear. Slides are so popular right now, and considered a wardrobe essential for many. Whether you’re off on holiday, popping out for the day, or slipping them on for some time in the garden, they are an easy addition to add into any wardrobe. 
Styling for print footwear is simple. Neutral colours will compliment brown print, and monochrome outfits will compliment black print. If you opt for a simple outfit or dress, you can let your shoes speak for themselves. These are a great addition if you’ve got a staycation coming up, or even when we can travel a little further afield, they will make a perfect capsule wardrobe item. When packing for holiday, team with a linen shirt and shorts for a casual day look, and why not try with a maxi dress for the evening!
The Safari slides from Welligogs perfectly capture the need for an essential footwear, whilst adding the luxury of a pony hair upper. Designed with comfort in mind, the 5cm sole is created from natural cork, with a rubber sole, for durability as well as comfort. These are available in UK sizes 4-7, and also available in 3 other animal prints if you have a different preference! 
CCL Style Tip: Team with some relaxed fit shorts and a linen shirt for the perfect safari outfit style. 
Perfect for: Someone wanting an easy go to, whilst introducing animal print into their wardrobe.

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