How To Style Marbella Slides?

Summertime is all about effortless elegance, and nothing compares to the classic appeal of flat coral sandals for footwear. These sandals combine comfort and style and are now a fashion statement. 

Embrace a fusion of comfort and style with Marbella Slides, the go-to British footwear for fashion-forward individuals seeking a laid-back yet chic vibe. 

What are Marbella Slides? 

Spanish footwear is renowned for its unmatched craftsmanship, and espadrilles are no exception. Meticulously designed and expertly stitched, each pair showcases the dedication to quality that defines Spanish shoemaking.  

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these flat sandals are a testament to the rich legacy of Spainish shoemaking. The result is a footwear masterpiece that seamlessly blends comfort and style. 

One of the remarkable traits of espadrilles is their versatility. These flat sandals transition from casual strolls in the park to sophisticated evenings out. The ability to complement various outfits makes them a must-have in every fashion-conscious individual's wardrobe. 

How To Style Marbella Slides 

Embrace Effortless Chic: 

Pair your slides with lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen for a laid-back daytime look. A flowy sundress or high-waisted shorts and a breezy blouse create an ensemble that exudes casual elegance. Keep the colour palette soft and neutral for that perfect blend of comfort and style. 

Espadrilles and Jeans/Trousers: 

Kick off your fashion journey by pairing your favourite jeans or trousers with espadrilles. The casual yet sophisticated vibe of these sandals complements the laid-back charm of jeans or the tailored look of trousers. 

Floral Finesse: 

As the sun shines brighter, embrace the summer vibes by incorporating floral prints into your ensemble. A flowy floral dress paired with Marbella Slides exudes effortless sophistication. This ensemble is perfect for garden parties, brunches, or strolls under the sun. 

Coats that Command Attention: 

When the temperature drops, don't shy away from incorporating espadrilles into your coat-centric looks. These sandals add an unexpected twist to your winter wardrobe. Pair ankle-length coats with espadrilles for a playful and stylish contrast.  

Gilets and Jackets: 

As the seasons change, layers become essential, and espadrilles are the perfect accompaniment to gilets and jackets. Slip into a stylish gilet over a basic tee and jeans, completing the look with espadrilles for a chic ensemble that effortlessly blends comfort and style.  

How Do You Take Care of Your Marbella Slides? 

The perfection of British sophistication, Marbella Slides deserve the utmost care to retain their charm. Follow this comprehensive guide to ensure your beloved footwear stands the test of time: 

Storage Matters: 

Store your Marbella Slides in a cool, dry place when not striding in style. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or excessive humidity, as these elements can compromise the integrity of the materials. 

Cleaning Ritual: 

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the pristine appearance of your espadrilles. Gently brush off dirt and debris using a soft brush or cloth. A mild water solution and a gentle detergent can work wonders for stubborn stains. 

Handle with Care: 

While these slides are crafted with durability, handling them with care is crucial. Avoid sharp objects that may scratch or puncture the fabric. Use your hands delicately to prevent unnecessary stress on the seams when putting them on or off. 

Water Woes: 

The slides and excessive water are not the best of friends. If caught in unexpected rain, let your sandals air-dry naturally. Stuff them with newspaper to absorb moisture and maintain their shape. Never use direct heat sources like hairdryers, which may cause the materials to warp. 

Rotational wear: 

Give your slides a breather by rotating them with other footwear. This practice allows the materials to recover and ensures that your flat sandals maintain their shape and comfort for extended periods. 

Protection Plan: 

Consider applying a fabric protector spray to shield your espadrilles from stains and water damage. This additional layer of protection can be a game-changer, especially if you plan on wearing your slides in varied environments. 

Periodic Check-ups: 

Inspect the soles, seams, and overall condition. Promptly addressing any signs of a tear can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. Consider professional cleaning and repairs for treasured slides that have seen many adventures. Skilled cobblers can work wonders in reviving your beloved footwear, ensuring they continue to grace your feet with elegance. 

Elevate Your Style with Welligogs' Marbella Slides 

The Marbella Slides is a masterpiece that seamlessly marries subtle WG branding with the plush feel of soft luxury suede.  

Let's delve into the unparalleled features that set these flat slides apart, ensuring you enter a world where fashion meets functionality: 

Subtle WG Branding:  

Welligogs, renowned for its commitment to quality and refinement, tastefully incorporates its distinctive WG branding into Marbella Slides. The subtle yet discernibledebossing is a testament to the brand's attention to detail, allowing wearers to showcase their style with understated elegance. 

Embrace Luxury with Soft Suede 

Crafted from the finest soft luxury suede, these slides sandals redefine comfort. The supple texture of the suede not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but ensures a delightful sensory experience for your feet. It's a testament to Welligogs' dedication to creating footwear that transcends mere utility, transforming every step into a moment of indulgence. 

Flat Slide Design:  

The Marbella Slides boasts a flat design that effortlessly blends style with comfort. Whether strolling along the beach, exploring a vibrant city, or attending a casual brunch, these sandals balance fashion-forward design and all-day wearability. The flat silhouette ensures stability without compromising on the chic, laid-back vibe. 

Rubber Sole:  

Step into the world confidently, thanks to the robust rubber sole accompanying the Marbella Slides. Engineered for durability and traction, this sole ensures a secure grip on various surfaces and adds a layer of longevity to your footwear. Welligogs prioritizes functionality without compromising aesthetic appeal, making these sandals versatile for every occasion. 


Mastering the art of styling Marbella Slides involves a harmonious blend of comfort, fashion, and attention to detail. Whether aiming for a casual daytime look or elevating your style for a glamorous evening affair, these versatile slides are your go-to option.  

Elevate your style with these meticulously crafted slides that seamlessly blend subtle branding, luxurious suede, a flat espadrille design, and a durable rubber sole.  

Embrace the Welligogs experience and step into a world where fashion expresses your individuality. 

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