Why Choose Welligogs?

Boots - Waterproof and Breathable High-Quality Leather

Our boots are waterproof using a fully tested waterproof and breathable membrane that goes to the top of the boot. Many other so called waterproof and breathable leather boots use a membrane that only comes to the top of the ankle thus rendering the boot not waterproof or breathable from the ankle upwards – stepping into deep puddles or rivers or deep snow with Welligogs boots you are waterproof and breathable to the top.

Our Boots incorporate waterproofing to the European sourced / standardised leather. The leather is of the highest quality and with the water resistant coating has an added benefit. Our linings are soft and supple – using moleskin this provides an easy comfortable and silky feel when putting the boots on.

Our insoles are removable so that if you wish to wear a thicker sock or if initially the boots feel a little tight, you can remove the insole so that the quality leathers can mould to your shape for ease and comfort. If you also wear orthotics and need to place these inside your boots, you can do so quickly and easily by just removing the insole, no need to have them especially fitted. If you wish to make the boot more fitted around your foot you can purchase another insole (from most shoe shops) and just place this under the removable insole in our boots.

Our soles are made from thermo rubber and have strong grip. Our boots have proven themselves time and again in wet, muddy, as well as icy conditions. They have been worn in the North as well as South Pole with only wonderful compliments being placed on them for their warmth and strong soles.

Our designs – often we are told that our designs are second to none – cater for all calf widths whether it be slim, wide, or otherwise. Our three styles, Matador, Ranger or Sloane, are each one a quintessentially opulent look but with the practicality that makes them endure.


Why Leather Over Rubber or Neoprene?

Our leathers are of such quality, they will mould to your foot shape unlike rubber.

With an antibacterial, breathable lining, our boots keep your feet warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather. Rubber boots tend to make your feet sweat in heat and do not contain heat well so, freeze during the colder months.

This antibacterial lining keeps your feet from sweating, as it is breathable - rubber and neoprene don't breathe.


Our Clothing - Sustainable Focus & Distinctly British

We try and support British made as much as we can. British industry and British manufacture is close to WG's heart, as she comes from a long line of British manufacturers. British Made denotes opulence and luxury – we endeavour to keep promoting this and support British heritage and lifestyle within our brand where possible. If we cannot source products made in Britain, we look for similar quality and performance in our European partners.

With sustainability as one main focus, we opt for natural, regenerative materials and fabrics for our products as much as possible. We are always looking for innovative ways to create products in a more sustainable way. We have managed to now use recycled sole units on our footwear, made from first generation plastic, or and are investigating using natural beeswax to waterproof our garments over traditional wax. We also have small, quality collections we bring out twice a year instead of going down a fast fashion path. We also visit our factories and make sure the conditions for the workers are up to scratch and physically see and inspect how garments are made.