Our Waxed Products

Originally the manufacture of waxed fabric came from early mariners who noticed that wet sails were more efficient than dry sails, but because they were heavier than dry it slowed the boat down. As early as the 15th century, mariners rubbed fish oil as well as grease on their sails and made waterproof capes from the remnants. Consequently, the mariners sails were more efficient in the dry, lighter in the wet and the sailors were kept dry as well.

Adding linseed oil to flax sail cloth, first introduced by Francis Webster in 1795, was the next step towards lighter sail cloths. It was used by the Royal Navy and then by the Tea clippers. Racing Clippers bringing cotton from Egypt provided an even lighter material to experiment with, making the sails even more efficient.

Paraffin impregnated cotton was created in the mid 1920’s by three companies to produce a very water resistant cloth that was breathable and maintained its pliability in cold conditions without yellowing. Initially woven by Webster’s, it was then dyed in Lancashire (black, olive, or green.) and finally treated with cupro-ammonia. The cloth was then returned to Lancashire for waxing and Webster’s for storage ready for selling. Webster’s also renamed the product Japara, this name Japara was adopted as the trademark by Webster’s.

Welligogs use a number of different British based brands of wax in our clothing ranges, all have varying qualities depending upon their required use. Names such as Japara and Sahara or otherwise.

We make our waxed coats, jackets and other garments from the traditional dyed petroleum based wax finish on combed cotton, dyed dry wax finish on soft handle combed cotton, to the highest quality combed cotton with a lustrous sheen for very high water repellency.

We also offer finest quality combed cotton finishes with a combination of traditional petroleum based wax and modern polyurethanes that give the traditional wax feel and appearance but with the added benefit of being machine washable at 30 degrees.

We have also embraced current and new trends using quality waxed cotton that has a vintage appearance similar in look to worn leather.

Looking to the future and with a desire to help the environment, we will soon be introducing an EcoWax, an Eco friendly alternative to traditional wax. More recently we have introduced a dry wax fabric in to our garments which makes them not only softer and more comfortable, but machine washable too.

Welligogs offers you many different varieties of waxed cottons in order to meet specific demands of the garments we produce. We do not adopt the attitude of one type of wax for all styles. We are extremely careful in our selection and will not compromise quality nor style to achieve our goals.