Outfits for Star Signs


Capricorns are known for their calm and responsible qualities. They are disciplined and step up to the occasion when necessary, but have a very sensitive side that they reveal with their nearest and dearest. Capricorns tend to stick with a neutral color palette and like vintage-inspired pieces. Not only do they go after comfortable and functional pieces, but also love an outfit that exudes understated elegance. For this reason, we think the Westminster Fitted Jacket is a wonderful choice. We think a cute boot would go wonderfully with this jacket, something like our Tan Suede Ankle Boots which would match up perfectly with the brown hues.


An Aquarius is a critical thinker and independent individual, and keen trend-setter. They tend to go for bright colours and bold styles, so we think this dazzling Phoebe Blanca Shirt is a match. This professional and tailored piece will put an aquarius in good stead for the day, and elevate their confident personalities even more. We think that our Merino Wool Oversized Roll Neck Jumper in Red would give the outfit a wonderful pop of colour, whilst also letting the beautiful collar of the shirt stay visible.


A pisces personality is romantic at heart and deeply emotional. As a water sign, we thought a fluid and lightweight piece would be the perfect match. Our layered pastel blue dress could be the perfect thing for a creative piscean. Being the most bohemian at heart, comfort and movement is very important, as are iridescent fabrics and colours such as teal, cerulean and lapiz. Delicate styles are often what a Pisces is most attracted to; something to compliment their sensitive souls. We suggest pairing this dreamy dress with our 100% Cotton Raglan Jumper for a layered look, or our Chunky Soft Brown Suede Ankle Boots to ground our flighty piscean.


Aries are brave individuals who aren’t afraid of creating a statement or wearing bold pieces. Their passionate souls are ignited by colours that pop, that’s why we think our Andalucia in pink will encourage their trend-setting nature and draw eyes wherever they go. They are known for their signature styles and impulsiveness, and the frame on our Andalucia really compliments their daring nature and love for fashion forward lowkey pieces. We suggest that for this jacket, our Monte Carlo Rose Garden Shirt will compliment the pink beautifully and accentuate an Aries’ fiery feminism.


A Taurus personality tends to be more patient and tactile, and value their relationships. They generally turn to classically well-made clothing of high quality, that’s why we’ve chosen the Khaki Bell Sleeve Top, since it is soft and easy to wear with more earthy hues to compliment our Taurus. We believe that the perfect match to go with our gorgeous top would be a pair of our Khaki Porto Espadrilles , just to add that little bit of shine and glamour to the outfit.


A gemini personality is curious by default and loves to play with colours and textures. They are fearless when it comes to bold, bright primary colours, and that's why we think our Porto Coral Flat Sandals would be a wonderful match for our Gemini individuals. Since Geminis are so changeable, it's difficult to pigeonhole them in any given style. Therefore this beautiful shoe can be paired effortlessly with a dress, jeans, or shorts. It’s the perfect thing for our gentle yet whimsical Geminis. One of our favorite outfit combinations with these sandals is our range of Monte Carlo dresses, the Monte Carlo Rockpool Cotton Dress in particular would lift these delicate sandals and compliment them beautifully.


Keeping comfortable and cozy are important factors in every Cancer's clothing, so dressing in layers is a must! No matter what season it is, a cancer will always be prepared with a jumper or cardi in their bag. Layers are an important factor of a cancer’s style as they can chop and change their outfits on a whim, allowing for their free spirits to thrive. As mentioned, comfort is enormously important for a cancer, that’s why we think our Merino Wool Oversized Roll Neck Jumper is the perfect luxury solution. Pair this jumper with our Positano Navy Blazer Jacket for a flashy yet clean look.


Leo is daring by nature, creative and generous. They love to be admired and in the spotlight, so it’s no surprise that bold patterns and textures are often seen on Leo individuals. That’s why we think our Safari Sandals in Tiger Printwould be the perfect statement maker and all round pièce de résistance! These sandals always stand out in a crowd - just like our beautiful Leos. Even though these sandals are a statement piece, we think they’d go great with a flowing dress, like our Monte Carlo Sunrise Cotton Dress which would pick out the warm hues in the sandals perfectly. Another piece that would compliment the sandals would be our casual loungewear, something relaxed to wear around the house.


Virgos are practical and loyal individuals with no time for fickleness or indecision. The colours that a virgo is most attracted to are reserved colours like brown grey, or lighter colours like peach, mauve or light green. That’s why we think the perfect fit for a Virgo is our beautifully simple Water Resistant Oversized Smock Olive. The silhouette on this smock is beautifully elegant and well suited to the sophisticated nature of a Virgo. We recommend our Sloane Mocha Waterproof Boots as a great pairing for ultimate practicality and durability.


Libras are all about soft and romantic outfits with a professional feel to them. Stand out pieces with classical silhouettes and fabrics are a must, as a Libra is sociable by nature, having something to wear to social settings is a must. Libra personalities are known for being balanced. They are an interesting mix of logic and emotion, seriousness, and playfulness, so we think this beautiful Knightsbridge Houndstooth Jacket is the perfect thing. We recommend pairing this fabulous jacket with our Navy Suede Ankle Boots for a little flair and added height for elegance.


Scorpios are known to be one of the most determined and brave star signs. They thrive on challenges and are driven to succeed. They are also usually driven to intense, rich and bold colours, as well as to fabrics and patterns that are sure to draw attention. That’s why we think this Ascot Duck Egg Fitted Jacket is just the thing for our honest and charming Scorpio personalities. We recommend pairing this beautiful, one-of-a kind jacket with a gorgeous pair of boots, like the Megara Over-the-Knee Leather and Suede Boots for added texture.



Sagittarians are all about wearing simple and classic pieces that they can rewear and reuse. They are free and generous spirits who don’t usually like to be restricted by ‘one wear’ items or uncomfortable clothing. That’s why this stunning stand out piece, the Demelza Check Wool Tweed Coat, is the perfect solution for our Sagittarian individuals. The long line cut is a classically tailored style that is flattering on every silhouette. We recommend pairing this exquisite coat with our Phoebe Burgundy Stripe Shirt, for added colour and a professional flare.