Our Leather Boots

Crafted from quality leather

Welligogs Leather Country boots are crafted from quality all leather uppers and grippy sturdy rubber soles in the tradition and style of the classic British Country Boot. These boots grace the fields and walking trails of the nation as well as the pavements and sidewalks of many dynamic cities. Leather Country boots are now an entrenched part of county life allowing the wearer to express their own individual style and taste by choosing to wear a substantial good looking and ruggedly practical alternative to the traditional rubber wellington boot.

At Welligogs, we have presented our customers with a well designed country boot that can be worn throughout the year in all wet and dry environments whilst allowing comfort and warmth to be retained by the wearer whilst the boot is subjected to the harshest weather environments.

Our best selling Sloane boot being the flag bearer of the range is the Classic Country Boot, warm, waterproof and stylish.

Our Ranger boot affords all the waterproof practicalities of the Sloane but in addition offers the opportunity for those wearers with a larger calf to be able to enjoy the benefits and style of a good looking rugged country boot. We achieve this by our strategically designed rear opening gusset that will expand substantially if required so whether you are a standard size leg or a have a larger calf you will be look good in our Ranger Boot. In fact we are proud to say that there are very few people who are not able to get into the Ranger.

Our Matador Spanish Riding Boot is our premier boot. It gives the added dimension of city and town use as well as the rougher country pursuits with its elegant slimline style. This boot again is fully waterproof with the same breathable membrane we us in all of our boots, so it has a unique position of being one of the few available with the Spanish Riding look that is waterproof as well as breathable, not just a waterproofed leather as with other Spanish style boots.

Our Newest range – Mayfair, consists of the taller Mayfair boot and the shorter Mini Mayfair boot. This extremely elegant high quality leather and suede combination is proving increasingly popular, especially with our celebrity fan base. Each boot comes to you with two removable tassels, a reinforced zip, remoulded footbed and instep support that can be taken out, and an adjustable elasticated inner calf. As with all our boots an aqua stop waterproof breathable membrane gives this boot the edge, perfect for the lighter Country pursuits whatever the weather and luxuriously stylish in the City too. A 5 cm heel adds a touch of elegance and the tassels a dash of colour to combine with your outfits. (Tassels also sold separately).

Welligogs boots are put through harsh and rigorous testing whether it be walking the dog, traipsing through streams and rivers, stepping through slush and snow on the ski slopes, ambling along the beachfront, around the yard, tramping through the fields on a shoot, stamping with glee at the side of the netball, hockey, football or rugby pitch, trudging through the mud at festivals, wandering through the garden or even shopping in the city, you will feel happy and confident as well as look good.

Welligogs makes all it boots in Europe as we believe the quality and traditions of good boot making are maintained to the highest standard.