RHS Chelsea Flower Show Roundup.

A week after the show and still occasionally sneezing and coughing from the pollen, we take a look back at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018…..

As one of our most anticipated shows of the year, Chelsea is always a highlight of our calendar and it simply flew by this time. We have had the privilege of exhibiting there for the past seventeen years and this May, it didn’t disappoint.

The set up is always a lengthy process for us. Over four days, we build the stand to display our glorious boots and jackets. Bare walls are steadily dressed with shelves and hooks, bringing structure and form to the stand. The stockroom is filled and stuffed until it eventually resembles an overgrown lawn. Then the flower van arrives and botanical bliss takes over, as it is transformed from a simple shop front to a magical boot and coat garden. We were honoured to receive a five gold star award for our exhibition this year and thank all the Welligogs team who helped create such a fantastic, flowerful front.

flower show

We were humbled to be visited by some famous faces this year. We were delighted to welcome Ainsley Harriott, Jackie Chapman, Ellie Harrison, Chrissie Hynde and Ellie Simmonds onto the stand.

shetland pony

Many of our ever-faithful returning customers came to investigate our new products, and we were thrilled to meet all our new ones who trotted off with our gorgeous gear.

The celebrity that causes the most stir, however, was our furry, four-legged friend who goes by the name of Teddy. This picturesque fluff ball made the perfect accompaniment to our enchanted stand. Draped in cream roses to match his palomino coat, Teddy looked like the perfect fairy pony. As one of our favourite mascots and also raising awareness for Hannah’s Willberry Wonder Pony, Teddy stopped crowds as he pranced around, posing for all the cameras.

It came and went as fast as the pollen falling from the trees and we now look forward to Chelsea 2019. Thank you to everyone for coming to see us at the show and for all your continued support.

Here is a lil’ video of Teddy’s day with us for all of those who didn’t catch him on the day….