Burghley Ahoy!

As the long, warm days of summer start to cool, a welcome breeze arrives and the green leaves show signs of turning golden, the Welligogs team begin preparing for one of our largest annual events. This occasion is the Burghley Horse Trials, which this year open on 30th August and marks a significant calendar date not just for equestrians up and down the country but for ourselves as a designer and retailer of outdoor country clothing and riding-style attire.

We’re already starting to carefully select the coats, jackets, shoes, shirts and accessories that will feature on our Burghley Horse Trials retail stand. If you’re visiting the show, please do stop by to say hello to our team and try on your favourite pieces (both signature Welligogs items and new season too). Meet us in the Country Living Makers Pavillion, stand number 15, where we look forward to welcoming you all.

On a separate note, we’d also like to congratulate the British Young Riders Eventing Team for all their hard work and achievements in 2018. Thank you to Lizzie, Alex, Mollie, Bubby, and Yasmin for choosing to wear Welligogs at the trot up and for the lovely team photos from the European Championships in Fontainebleau, France 2018 (pictures below.) You all looked fantastic in your Cheltenham Jackets and Phoebe Shirts.

The Team 2018












The Team testing out the water jump at the European Championship in Fontainbleu, France 2018, Wearing our Welligogs Sloane Boots

Alex Kennedy

Lizzie Baugh

Yasmin Ingham

Bubby Upton

Mollie Summerland

At Badminton, Burghley and other special three day events throughout the equestrian calendar, we love to see the trot up and what is on offer in the fashion department. Below are some brilliant shots of competitors who selected Welligogs clothing.

Imogen Murray Badminton Horse Trials 2018 wearing Florence Jacket, Phoebe Shirt and Mini Mayfair Tan Boots.

Sarah Parkes, winner of Trot Up Badminton 2017, in our Commodore Jacket and Phoebe Shirt.

Throw back to Burghley Horse Trials 2017. Winner of Trot Up Clare Abbott in our Burghley Jacket and Phoebe Shirt.

Demelza Hazelnut Coat, Trilby Hat with Feather, and Mayfair Boots.

Kirsty Short with “Bouncer” in our Balmoral Jacket and Mayfair Boots.

Lynn Symansky (USA) Demelza Coat and Trilby with Feather

Hannah Burnett (USA) Ascot Jacket, Navy Fedora Hat, and Mayfair Boots.

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